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Michael Hale
After graduating high school, Michael went to John A. Gupton Mortuary College and graduated with an Associates Degree and became a Licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer. Having worked for local funeral homes since the age of 14, Michael knew this was the calling of profession for him. In 1998, Michael and Shannon Cantrell had a vision and a dream to build a funeral home in DeKalb County to serve the families of this great community. On March 7, 1999 we opened the doors to DeKalb Funeral Chapel. It remained a partnership with Michael, Shannon and Jerry Lee Cantrell until 2004, when Michael and Tara bought out the Cantrell's part, due to Shannon's health.

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Phone: 615-597-9400
Address: 863 South Congress Blvd.
  Smithville, TN 37166

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Section: Funeral Planning
Q:  Can you transfer a burial policy to another funeral home??
A:  Yes you can transfer a burial policy/pre-arranged funeral from one funeral home to another.  It is very simple to transfer a funeral/burial policy.  It is as simple as calling the funeral home that you want to transfer to at the time of death and all the paperwork is handled at that time.  Many families prefer to take a copy of their policy or arrangements prior to the time of need, so the funeral home has the copy and is kept on file.  State law provides that you can freely transfer from one funeral home to another.  It is each owner/manager decision as to whether they honor the policy or funeral as originally planned or if they will charge additional money for any differences in service and merchandise cost.  If you have any other questions concerning the transfer of a policy please feel free to give me a call.

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Section: Funeral Planning
Q:  What are some of the options for burial insurance???

There are several different options for burial/life insurance. When choosing the plan and amount that is right for you, one thing to consider is if you are wanting enough just to cover your funeral expenses, or do you want additional money to cover any outstanding debts that you may have at your time of death and also if you wish to leave any proceeds for your loved ones.  A standard Whole Life Insurance is what most people choose, because of the lower payment options and amounts start as low as $1,000 and up.  With whole life insurance, the premium is based on your age, the amount of insurance you choose and if you have any medical conditions that can cause a higher premium.  One very important thing to know is that the whole life insurance policy is contestable during the first two years from the date the policy is issued.  If death occurs during the two year period of contestability period, each company has there policy as to how the claim is processed and paid.  We also offer annuity type insurance, were you the individual set the amount that you want to pay and the money is held in an insurance trust that draws interest and the money is applied to your funeral expenses at the time of need.  With a flexible annuity, you have the flexibility to pay different amounts, such as if you have an emergency and can't pay as much one month and then another month you have some additional money, the choice is yours.  Another option is a single premium insurance policy, were you make one single payment to pay for your funeral expenses, with this option you select all the merchandise and services that you want, then you make the payment in full and you have the peace of mind that your funeral is paid in full and your family will not be faced with additional charges at your time of need.  With the single premiums, you can make an initial payment and then you can make additional single payments as you have the money to do so and once you have paid the agreed initial funeral total, the funeral is paid in full.

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