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Jeff James, CIC, CISR, CPIA. Thirty-four years experience in insurance. Graduate of DeKalb County High, MTSU & Austin Peay State University.


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Phone: 615-597-0660
Address: 307 North Public Square
  Smithville, TN 37166

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Section: Insurance
Q:  Do you just have insurance for House/Auto or do you have more?

About the only major type of insurance we don't offer is health insurance.  We do farm, life, boat, businesses of all kinds, personal umbrella, etc.

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Section: Insurance
Q:  How do you get SR22 insurance?
A:  First you have to find a company that will actually do SR-22 insurance - not all companies will do that.  For instance, we have three outstanding companies that will do it in my office.  So my advice is to call or visit agents until you find what you need.

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